Congrats on getting the spirit of Grateful Dead music exactly right. Playing and singing like you mean it, crescendos that transform the space, and bass and drums dropping bombs!! I'm a sound guy who's done studio and live work in NYC for the last 35 years and it's a rare and precious thing to hear a band capturing that elusive essence - but you guys do it right.”

— John W.

"What a fantastic night at the In & Out of the Garden We Go Festival! Everyone was dancing and having a blast! People were still talking about you guys the next morning in the campground! IDB was the highlight of the weekend!"

~ Shari M.

You guys make sounds I FEEL! Which is what it's all about!!”

— Jenny D.

An Ode To IDB: I like it when the musicians look at each other at a certain time and they smile you know they're thinkin' yeah! we're cookin' now. I like it when someone requests a song and these guys go right into it no hesitation, no set schedule all the tunes you wanna hear when you wanna hear them can't ask for anything more. I like it when the guitars go back and forth you look away for a second, then look back and the lead has switched unaware to your ears the interplay was so grate it just is a gracious goodness of comfortable delights soaring as one in a spectrum of notes and chords. I like it when I can still get surprised as when the said interplay is happenin' and again a glance askew brings out a new mix where keyboards rule and take over, sounding as a lead guitar or I could have been drunk at the time.”

— Patrick M.

Give thanks! 

This Holiday season, IDB would like to give thanks to all our family, friends, and fans for the continued love and support you have given us over the last year. It's really been incredible, and, thanks to all of you, we get a chance to play this music to all the good folks who love it as much as we do.     

The first "IDB Fan Setlist" contest is in the books and it was incredible! Chris Preston delivered two unique setlists that kept the Rail as packed as we've ever seen it into the wee hours, and we got the chance to learn some chestnuts we never thought we'd get to. Thanks again Chris!

December finds us celebrating trips around the sun for both Mike and John. On December 3rd, we're celebrating Mike's 40th at the American Spirits Roadhouse in Asbury, NJ.  A very 'PIG-CENTRIC' set coming from the Birthday boy that night with a ton of new bust outs you don't want to miss. Then on Friday December 9th, John becomes a year older at Krogh's in Sparta on Lake Mohawk, where long psychedelic sets will be the norm. 

Check our website or FB for details on all upcoming shows. Thanks again for all your support. Hope to see you out there and keep shakin' those bones!  

Wishing the Happiest of Holidays to you and yours, 
​Chris, Jim, John, Mike and Steve

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